Civil Rights

Despite having some of the strongest legal protections against discrimination in the country, civil rights violations occur every day in the state of Washington. Some of these violations of rights occur at the hands of indifferent, callous, or malicious government actors. Others are perpetrated by private citizens in the context of a business transaction or exchange of services. Either way, many civil rights violations are actionable under Washington’s broad legal protections, under federal law, or both.

Suffering prejudicial treatment on account of a person’s religious beliefs, the color of his or her skin, or the nature of his or her relationship with loved ones can leave permanent scars. Turning a blind eye to such conduct can embolden those who would intentionally discriminate against others and lead to further violations or prejudicial behavior. Hiring a civil rights lawyer and bringing a civil action to address incidents of discrimination seeks both to obtain justice for victims and to prevent similar harms from happening to others.

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Possible civil rights actions include:

  • Housing discrimination
    • Unequal treatment by sellers, landlords, real estate agents
  • Public discrimination
    • Unequal treatment in restaurants, hotels, stores, purchase of services, or other public accommodations
  • Racial or national origin discrimination
    • Disparate treatment based on race or national origin
  • Sex discrimination
    • Discrimination on account of sex
  • LGBTQ discrimination
    • Unequal treatment on account of sexual orientation, gender identity, or family status
  • Disability discrimination
    • Discrimination on account of physical or mental condition
  • Religious discrimination
    • Discrimination due to sincerely held religious belief
  • Free speech violations
    • Violations of First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and expression
  • Peaceful protest violations
    • Violations of First Amendment right to peacefully assemble
  • Unlawful seizure
    • Unconstitutional detention or illegal scope of detention without adequate suspicion of criminal activity
  • Unlawful arrest
    • Criminal arrest without probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed and that the defendant committed it
  • Unlawful use of force
    • Constitutional violation of right to be free from excessive force
  • Police misconduct
    • Intentional violations of civil rights by police officers
  • Police brutality
    • Assaults perpetrated by police officers under color of law
  • Malicious prosecution
    • Criminal prosecution brought without legal or probable cause

The Hornbuckle Firm handles civil rights matters and brings to potential clients decades of combined civil litigation and criminal defense experience as well as a passion for achieving justice for civil rights violations. We view these cases as an essential part of our commitment as lawyers to protect and serve the safety and wellbeing of our community while upholding and preserving the United States and Washington Constitutions.

Associate Attorney Jacey Liu is the Hornbuckle Firm’s first chair attorney for civil rights cases. Ms. Liu has distinguished herself in this area of the law. Before graduating from law school, she received Willamette University College of Law’s 2009-2010 Civil Rights Award for her authorship of a legal brief helping to preserve a verdict permanently protecting the rights of a small church to use a prohibited controlled substance during religious rituals in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. In the criminal context, Ms. Liu has authored countless motions and handled hundreds of cases involving the constitutionality of police conduct and governmental action, including authoring an appellate brief before the Washington Supreme Court in a landmark case challenging the constitutionality of Washington’s implied consent laws.

If you believe that you have been harmed by a deprivation of your civil rights, call us today to learn more about your rights or to see how we can help.

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